Women We Love – Diana Melison (21 Photos)

This week’s Woman We Love is Diana Melison. When you think of hot models, Los Angeles, New York and London likely come to mind, but Russia – not likely. Completely shattering that train of thought is this gorgeous Russian hottie. Proving the perfect blend of girl-next-door, sexy swag and badass beauty, the brunette bombshell has slowly crept into the US mainstream and into the thoughts of men worldwide. With a penchant for cut off denims, graphic tees and funky headwear, the tatted-up glamor girl carries off a provocative urban vibe most modern girls would kill for.

Still a student in her early 20’s, not much is known about the ravishing Russian – luckily for us, her pictures tell a story no description ever could. Don’t just take our word for it though. Check her out for yourself.

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