Stunning 4K Drone Video Will Make You Want to Explore Australia

Having had the unique opportunity to live in the Australian Outback for two years, I know well the stunning beauty to be found Down Under and as this amazing video shows, a trip to Australia’s bare landscapes would be well worth the effort.

Filmed in corners of Australia that few may have had a chance to visit, this drone footage features incredible scenes over the Hamersley Range and Karijini National Park.

Footage captured by Queensland photographer Dan Proud shows orange sunsets illuminating rocky ridges, with cattle running below on the expansive plains.

Featuring cascading waterfalls and following long freight trains, the drone soars above the landscape, with the closing clip focusing on campervan heading into the wilderness against the setting sun.

The video comes at a time when the use of drones is being discouraged by Australian authorities who say the flying equipment can interfere with bushfire relief efforts.

However the film, entitled Hamserley, helps viewers to explore the most enchanting parts of the country that tourists might not normally get the chance to be experience.

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