There’s Something Very Appealing About Tiny Houses (29 Photos)

When people ask how small tiny houses are, the answer of this question may vary from 100 to 400 square feet. The idea of minimalist style of living sounds quite radical to many people especially on such a limited space but still has many supporters and followers. This lifestyle is gaining popularity for many reasons and some of them are the environmental concerns, the desire for more time and freedom and of course, financial concerns.

You have to understand that a tiny house is not a garden shed nor a garden house but a home. One of the greatest advantages of tiny houses is the low price. Of course, just like bigger homes, these small houses vary in price, shapes, sizes, and forms. You can choose from a wide variety of options – from building your own tiny house to buying a prefab house, whether mobile or not. Living in a small house means a simple lifestyle and clever and creative use of space so that you can combine functionality and style in a limited space. The fact that small houses are much more affordable does not mean that they cannot offer the convenience of a larger home. They can be equipped with all modern appliances without losing their environmental responsibility. Many tiny house designs feature modern architectural solutions and fantastic interiors with creative storage solutions and interior designs that make the space feel bigger.

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