Laugh at the Apocalypse from this Luxury Survival Shelter (16 Photos)

Winter is coming. And if you watch “Game of Thrones” (and even if you don’t), you probably know it doesn’t spell skiing. In all seriousness, though, there are some people who truly are concerned about what is next for our planet: biological weapons, disease outbreaks, giant-scale natural disasters, and global war. And they are building high security shelters. “High net worth families,” in fact, are planning to escape to luxury bomb shelters that are the nec plus ultra in “life insurance.” And when they do, they hire Vivos, which means survival shelters with a museum, movie theaters, pools and restaurants. Really.

Vivos builds private and community underground shelters able to withstand any type of catastrophe. Their glamorous community shelters are based around a co-ownership concept, where the cost is shared by each party. In order to become such an all-risk shelter co-owner, you must first apply to become a Vivos member. Membership itself is free, but then the price gets steep: The Vivos Indiana shelter, which fits 80 hopeful survivors, involves a fee of $35,000 for adults and $25,000 for kids. But what you get is immense. This four-star fortress of a nuclear shelter can handle a 20-megaton blast, tsunami, earthquake and more. Inside, members will find a plethora of amenities, not limited to a theater area, a workshop, bicycles, lounge, medical supplies, you name it.


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