Dream House: Idaho’s Thunder Ranch (40 Photos)

Building a ranch home on the edge of the largest lake in northern Idaho doesn’t mean you should skip throwing in an infinity pool/waterfall combo, and Thunder Ranch helpfully provides outdoor swimming opportunities both natural and artificial.

The 48-acre working ranch, which the listing notes is chock full of “authentic Western Native American ambiance,” also provides a private marina, some “antique” wagon wheels strewn strategically about, and a helipad, all of which are “authentic.” A horse stable and riding trails allow for equine-assisted perambulation around the extensive grounds unless massive all-terrain vehicles are more your speed, in which case there’s a large garage to hold a variety of cars and trucks.

Formal gardens and orchards provide plenty of opportunities for the green-thumbed to get their gardening gloves dirty, and the presence of a hobby farm provides a handy excuse for folks who always wanted to stroll around wearing overalls and chewing on a stalk of wheat while squinting thoughtfully at the horizon.

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