Awesome Home Game Rooms (22 Photos)

No bachelor pad or man cave can be considered complete without a masterfully outfitted game room. To access futuristic comforts during your next play session, you’ll need state-of-the-art technology alongside exquisite interior design elements.

For a transcendentally sleek gaming experience that will satisfy everyone, you should have plenty of options available.

Naturally, only the finest hardware should be featured, and this includes all of today’s newest consoles. Of course, a few older platforms can be thrown in the mix for a little retro appeal. Remember, these systems will lose their pizzazz if they are not accompanied by massive HD screens and top-notch sound systems.

To make the engagement complete, every game room should be equipped with plush sofas and cozy recliners. Some savvy guys also emphasize their party atmosphere by including a full bar complete with classy stools and a marble counter. Hardwood floors will eliminate the potential for any lasting messes; meanwhile, all wires should be concealed with sophisticated fixtures and cabinetry. Keep in mind that ample lighting is a must.

Additionally, some of your guests may not want to participate in the arcade thrills, so they should be accommodated with hands-on competition via billiards of foosball. You can even include a complete gambling center. Here’s an inside look at what it takes to make an extra suave game room!

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