21 Dad Hacks That Will Save Your Sanity

We’re all aware of the fabulous creations of the Pinterest moms, and we know damn well grandmas have just about every little domestic trick and tip up their sleeves, but as the years go by, I find myself more and more impressed with the ingenuity of men. The dads I see out there aren’t only loving and involved, but also efficient and clever.

Below are 21 dad hacks, many from my own home, and some from beyond:

Cut a hole in the pacifier and put a dropper in it to give your child his medicine.

Use a rope to swing your child like a boss.

If you can’t find the barbie head, just draw a new one – Basically the same thing.

Save your wall! Let your kid go crazy inside a creative box.

Are your kids sticking their fingers into the electrical socket? Problem solved.

Use trash bags to refill your diaper pail.

Your car will thank you if you use this box for meals. And honestly, it just looks good.

Save time in the morning by freezing the Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the entire week.

This is the only way to cut a pancake!

Mark the labels of your kid’s clothes to easily recognize them.

Put a layer of puppy pads under the sheet and another sheet under it all, this way when your kid has an ” accident ” you can just take out the sheet with the pads and you have a clean bed in seconds.

Keep track of the medicine doses by writing them down on the box or bottle.

Buying new shoes for your kids just got a whole lot easier.

Best punishment ever.

Put magnets on your kid’s cup and place it on the fridge so they could take a drink by themselves.

The smartest way ever to store your kid’s Lego bricks.

No more open drawers, simple and effective.

Keep an eye on your kids from downstairs with a mirror.

Place a milk jug on top of the light switch and your kid won’t play with it.

4 simple steps to eat a mandarin or an orange the awesome way!

Kids love ice-pops! Put a stick inside some yogurt and freeze it.

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