Home Humor You Have to be in Awe of Redneck Engineering (20 Photos)

You Have to be in Awe of Redneck Engineering (20 Photos)

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I don’t have any proof, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a photo floating around of Thomas Edison rockin’ a mullet.

Rednecks have never gotten enough credit for their inventions and contributions to the engineering world. Their prototypes may be crude at first glance, but there’s a nugget of moonshine soaked genius in there somewhere.

Get ready, ya’ll, the greatest examples of redneck engineering are coming at ya.

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  • Citizen Quasar

    Cute. Thanks.

  • Joel W

    Actually the proper term is Redneck Tech.

  • amuncat

    Hey guy who made the tire lawn furniture, I think you have a market just waiting to happen!!! And it’s quite durable and you can put decorative pillars wherever! Hope you read this!!!

    To author: Thank you so much for this lighthearted distraction…it makes me feel good all over!

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