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TV Drone Crashes and Almost Kills a World-Class Skier (Video)

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The international ski federation is banning camera drones from covering its World Cup races, and for good reason. A drone almost killed a world-class skier.

Austrian skier Marcel Hirscher, an Olympic silver medalist, had just started his slalom run, weaving in and out of those marker poles called gates.

Only a few moments after he began working his way around the gates, a drone violently slammed into the snow, directly behind him. If he had been going any slower, he would have been hit, and severely injured if not instantly killed.

That is no small drone, and with camera equipment on it, it wasn’t a lightweight aircraft. Just look at the way it shatters to pieces when it slams into the icy hill.

It is insane, which is why drones are being banned. They had told the drone pilot to not fly above the course and to stay 50-feet back from the skiers. Stipulations he clearly didn’t follow.

Even though he was almost killed, he was clearly focused on his run, placing 2nd in the competition. Norwegian Henrik Kristoffersen won, if you’re curious/a skiing fan.

Check out this video, and see just how close to death this man came:

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