Home Rides This is the Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Motorcycle (20 Photos)

This is the Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Motorcycle (20 Photos)

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Considering everybody knows sooner or later we will have to deal with the zombie horde, exactly what motorcycle would you try to find on the street to escape from the hungry masses? I think that we just found an answer for you.

Built from scratch by Garrett Larson of Show Stoppers Studios for his friend Dillon Shoffner. Show Stoppers is a one man studio were Garrett does art work and customizations. The bike started out as a 84 goldwing. The guns spin by way of electric motors and many authentic army materials were used as well. There are over 400 rivets on the tank. DIllon drives this bike to work everyday and has put thousands of miles on it since its completion in 2011.

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