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Porsche Sets Their Sites on Tesla with the Mission E Concept (Video)

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Looks like Porsche thinks they’ve got what it takes to go up against Tesla.

Porsche just unveiled their new all-electric concept sports car at the Frankfurt Motor Show. It’s currently called the Mission E and it’s a lot like Tesla’s Model S… only a little slower.

But that slowness comes with a benefit: a further driving range. The Mission E has 590 horsepower (a few less than the Tesla’s 691 HP) and boasts a driving range of 310.7-miles on a single charge.

That beats the Tesla’s quoted range of 270-miles. Sure, the Porsche can go an extra 30-miles, and its 0-60 is about 3.5 seconds, but the Tesla can do 0-60 in 2.8, which is insanely faster. Some might even call it ludicrously faster. (I’m referencing the Tesla’s Insane Mode, if you’re unfamiliar.)

The Mission E has all-wheel drive and uses the same electric motors that Porsche puts in its 919 Hybrid LMP1 racecar. So it’s got some pretty serious tech powering it.

What’s also pretty neat is the car is a four-door, but it has suicide doors in the rear, which is awesome.

Most impressive, though, is their battery. It’s an 800-volt system that can apparently be charged to 80% full in only 15 minutes. That’s ridiculous if true, and pretty freakin’ awesome.

The interior of the car seems even crazier. It looks like a spaceship from the future, and it might as well be. This probably sounds made-up, but the instruments track the driver’s eyes, so the gauges are always visible.

I assume that means all the gauges are digital, and slide back and forth across the screen, depending on where you’re looking. That sounds equal parts convenient and distracting!

All in all, this all-electric Porsche concept might get big Porsche fans all hot and bothered, but it basically just seems like Porsche’s more expensive Porsche version of the Tesla. Great for some, but not for many.

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