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800 Horsepower 2017 Yenko Chevrolet Corvette (7 Photos)

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The 2017 Yenko Chevy Corvette was debuted at the headquarters of Classic Industries to a small group of media. This Corvette was built by a New Jersey company by the name of Specialty Vehicle Engineering, they use the Yenko name under license. SVE increases the V8 displacement from 6.2 liters to 6.8, it also includes a forged steel crankshaft, formed aluminum pistons, and CNC ported and polished cylinder heads.

They also include a 2.9 liter twin supercharger on the motor which brings it’s full amount of power to around 800 horsepower. Yenko badges appear to be everywhere on the car, from it’s body down to the brake calipers. This package adds $46,000 on top of what you would be spending on just a regular corvette and only 50 will be made.

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